Putting the ROAD into rock and road girl

Despite best intentions, it turns out I’m a poor blogger. One post a year on average doesn’t quite cut it!

However, I’m taking the trip of a lifetime now, providing new opportunities and life for this blog!

Declan and I decided to get married in France at the end of May 2019, and then, as we would have already driven to France, carry on and road trip around Europe for our honeymoon.

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With so much to see and do, we wanted to record as much of it as possible, and I suggested we use this blog – it is after all about the road as much as the rock. And there will definitely be rock during this trip too!

So over the next few weeks expect a sudden increase in content, and various “guest posts” from Declan, as we document our adventures across eight different countries! Below is an overview of our journey:

Travelling down to Pennautier, stopping overnight in Saint Leonard de Noblat. Marriage in Pennautier. Honeymoon starts driving to Nice with a couple of days to chill and recover somewhere (hopefully) sunny.

From there we will drive into Italy and stay just outside Stresa by Lago Maggiore for a couple of days to explore the lake and maybe hike.

After that, a pretty long drive across to Venice, where we will leave the car on the mainland and get a water taxi across to Murano for two nights.

The plan following Venice was originally to go climbing in Trieste (on the Slovenian border) but following Dec’s cycling injuries with various hand fractures, we’ve scrapped climbing from the trip and will just make the most of being in a new city.

After Trieste, we’re quite excited to head through Slovenia down to Pula in Croatia, and make the most of being in Istria – Croatia’s famed food and wine region!

From there we will wind our way north to Lake Bled in Slovenia, spending one night in Bled before heading into Triglav National Park for 3 days, where the aim is, obviously, to climb Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain, which stands at 2864m.

Coming down from Triglav, we will drive over to Slovenia’s Soča Valley, where we’ve booked to have dinner (and stay over) at the world-class Hiša Franko restaurant.  We found out about this place through my friend (and bridesmaid!) Izy, who told us we had to watch an episode of Netflix’s “Chef’s Table”. Safe to say, we fell in love with the idea of visiting the restaurant immediately, and made sure we planned it in to our honeymoon.

Dec and I found a love for Via Ferrata in 2015 when we visited the Dolomites, but got snowed off the mountain on our third day. We’ll be heading back in the hope that there’s less snow this time, and will spend 4 days travelling through these spectacular Italian mountains.

Following this, we’ll head up through Austria and straight into Germany…maybe we’ll stop in Austria for lunch(?!), and then we’ll visit Neuschwanstein Castle – a ridiculous fairytale castle used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Dec’s very excited about exploring some of the wine regions around there so the following day we’ll be wine tasting, but not before having lunch in a random village in the Black Forest, where there just happen to be 3 michelin starred restaurants (holding 8 stars between them!).

From there we’re on the home stretch, travelling up to Belgium (maybe passing through Luxembourg just to say we’ve been?) and staying the night in Gesves, before finally winding our way back to London. Not sure how shattered/sad/happy we’ll be by the time we get back, but hopefully it will be the right mixture of sad to end the honeymoon, but happy to be home!

So follow along and see what happens!

Edit: I originally wrote this on our honeymoon, along with the first few posts “in draft”. However, turns out the honeymoon was pretty full on, so we didn’t get that far, and have now returned home, but we’re writing the rest before we forget it all! 

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