About my blog

This is a blog for anyone who thinks they’re not good enough, strong enough or brave enough. It’s for people who like reading about challenges and adventures, and the great outdoors. It’s for you and for me.

I’m a risk-averse outdoor enthusiast. An oxymoron in itself, I both hate doing anything adventurous, but love it when I do.


My partner in crime and I on a winter mountaineering course in the Cairngorms (2016)

I fear failure, I’m terrified of falling and speed and I have terrible balance. I’m not keen on the cold and spent my childhood only going on beach holidays or places with a warming fire or at least a nice warm car to tour in.

Yet, for some reason I now go on mountaineering holidays. I climb every week, often several times, I’ve run several half marathons and 10K races, I’ve learnt to ski (badly), and I’m now desperate to learn to enjoy road cycling.

My day job involves me sitting at a desk from 9 – 5, like so many people, and, based in London, opportunities to get outside are more limited than I’d like. I go through phases of trying really hard with my sports to being a complete slob, particularly during winter. I scroll through inspiring photos on Instagram of people who make sports and the outdoors their life, feeling inadequate and like I’ll never be capable of achieving half of what these people do.

But I’ve realised I’m probably not the only person who feels this way. So many people are too scared to try some of the amazing things we all see adventurers achieve. We don’t know where to start, or don’t believe we’re capable of doing it. Taking that leap outside of our comfort zone sometimes doesn’t seem worth it.

I’m hoping that this blog will not only keep me inspired to keep pushing my limits and fear, but also inspire others to do the same. If even one person reads this and thinks “you know what, if she can do it, why can’t I?” then I’ll be happy. There’s a fantastic world out there of beauty and adventure and it’s for everyone to share, at whatever level we feel comfortable with.

I hope you enjoy sharing my journey of adventures with me, I’d love to hear about yours too so make sure to leave comments!

Maddy x

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